Live Boston Lobster

Boston lobster is specie of American lobster.
It’s highly favored for their juicy claw meat. The tail meat is extremely fibrous and firmer.

Highly recommend for Baked Boston Lobster with Cheese.

Product is Live.

Product Features: Live

Size: 400-600g per pcs

Storage: Eat him

Origin: US

French Name: Homard (Homarus)

Packing: water tank

From: 799.00 $

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Baked Lobster with Cheese


 1/2 lobster

 2 teaspoons melted butter

 2/3 cup light cream

 1/2 slice bacon chopped finely

 1 stalk spinach

 1 clove garlic chopped finely

 2 slices cheese use your favorite cheese

 salt to taste

 1 pinch sugar


 dried parsley flakes