Live Oysters Prat-Ar-Coum Belon “Plate”

“The PRAT-AR-COUM “Flat” Belon oyster is recognizable by its fleshy appearance and its subtile range of chocolate hues.

Its firm texture when bitten releases a concentration of sea flavours which floods the whole mouth.”


PRAT-AR-COUM Oysters are only available for the Thursday and Friday deliveries.


From: 439.00 $

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All our oysters are presented in their original packaging. We don’t propose any extra service to open them.

How to serve and an oyster?

Start by sorting through your oysters, they all should be tightly closed. Those that are open and will not close when tapped on a hard surface need to be discarded. Open them following the following video tutorials. Remove the first water juice just after the opening which is only composed of sea water. The oyster will recreate a second one much more flavourful.  Serve the oysters immediately. Putting them on ice bed would hide some flavours.

From the right side

From the back