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Seafood Society, a sub-brand of M&C ASIA is the result of a 10 year friendship between Morgan Cousin and César de Sainte Maresville and their common passion for gastronomy. Founded in 2009, M&C ASIA established itself as a major player in importation and distribution of premium seafood in Hong Kong and Macau.


We are modern and responsible fishmongers. Today it has become a real challenge to select and identify the right seafood, so our team sources the best from the ocean for you while providing the necessary expertise on which species to encourage and promoting a product seasonality approach. We believe it is fundamental to educate and advise all seafood users: chefs, hoteliers, caterers as well as passionate home cooks.


In order to understand where your seafood comes from we need to ask a few questions: Is the species threatened or endangered? Was it caught or harvested under good conditions using responsible methods? Can we trace the origin of the product and the names of the sellers involved in the supply chain? Seafood Society brings its expertise and knowledge to provide all this information for a transparent approach.


Seafood Society by M&C Asia has built its reputation by supplying the freshest seafood through a fast and direct supply from the dock to the kitchen. We work closely with small fishmongers who select the best catches from daily arrivals. This direct line of communication ensures that we can easily track where, when and how our seafood is handled from the very source. On top of that our company has been certified under the Chain of Custody (CoC) by the Marine Stewardship Council for both MSC (wild) and ASC (farmed) species.


We are a multicultural team with local and international backgrounds and experiences that allow us to understand and adapt to the needs of a diverse client base. Our quality-controlled warehouse facilities and dedicated fleet of temperature controlled vehicles is also key to our ability to deliver fresh, frozen and live seafood of the highest standards.


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