Wild Line Caught Sea Bass

Wild fish caught in Atlantic, North-East

The Wild Sea Bass (Line caught) is one of the most popular fish. You will like it for its delicious taste and its firm white flesh. Sea bass has very few bones and can be cooked whole or in fillets. It is traditionally grilled but it can also be eaten braised, fried or poached.

The ratio between the weight of the whole fish and the fillets is 2.5, which means that for a fish of 1kg, you will get around 400g of fillets.

For example, one fish is about 1kg which should be sufficient for a starter for 6 persons or a main course for 3 persons.

Product Features: Whole

Size: from 0.5-1kg to 1-1.5kg to 1.5-2 to 2-2.5kg

Storage:  Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4° and consume within 3 days after opening the sealed pack. Consume before the sell-by date.

Origin: France (Brittany)

French Name: Bar de ligne Sauvage (Dicentrarchus labrax)

Packing: iced box

From: 569.00 $

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