Wild Monkfish Liver

Monkfish liver is a renowned delicacy, adored in Japan and France. It has a smooth, creamy texture with the flavor of an ocean breeze. It is the key element for preparing a marine “Foie Gras”.

The Japanese refer to this as Ankimo and traditionally serve it sliced with daikon radish and ponzu sauce, a citrus-based vinegar sauce.

Those who have tasted its creamy decadence will understand why it’s often referred to as “foie gras of the sea”, although its flavor is more delicate with just a touch of its oceanic origin in the after-taste.

Product Features: Whole Fresh Monkfish liver

Size: 1kg

Storage:  Keep refrigerated at 0° to 4° and consume within 3 days after opening the sealed pack. Consume before the sell-by date.

Origin: France (Brittany)

French Name: Foie de Lotte entier (Lota lota)

Packing: vacuum pack

From: 199.00 $

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  1. Start by placing the liver in a large container and leave it under running cold water for about 15 minutes to remove all the blood. When the water is clear, dry the liver well and place it on a small tray. Then rub lightly with sugar until well coated. Place in the fridge for one hour. Rinse well and dry, then repeat the same process with the salt and leave it in the fridge for another hour. Again, rinse and dry.
  2. marinate the liver in the sake with the green onion and ginger for 10 minutes and then dry. Cut a large section of foil and place the liver on one end. Begin to roll tightly while shaping at the same time. Twist ends tightly and repeats and roll again in foil to get a secure roll.
  3. Steam for 30 minutes, cool, and slice. It can be served with a little soy vinaigrette, some pickled vegetables, and some warm toast. Let your imagination be your guide.