Live Cockles

Cockles are bivalve molluscs, living in coastal intertidal zones and lagoons at a depth of one or two meters above the water surface.

The taste of difference between cockles vs clams is, Cockles will be rarity, sweeter and tastier while Clams are more common and slightly less sweet. Both of them are delicious when you cook them by steaming or boiling method.

Cockles with White Wine, Shallots, Pancetta and Basil is highly recommend! 

Cockles can’t be frozen live. You need to cook them first or remove the meat from the shell then freeze them.

Product Features: Live

Size: sold by pack of 1kg

Storage:  Keep refrigerated at 0 ° to 4° and consume within 3 days after opening the sealed pack. Consume before the sell-by date.

Origin: France

French Name: Coques (Cerastoderma edule)

Packing: vacuum pack

225.00 $

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Live / Fresh Cockles

2 tbsp of olive oil

1 tbsp of olive oil

1 shallot, trimmed and sliced

1 garlic clove sliced

100g of Pancetta

2 sprigs of fresh thyme

350ml of white wine

basil leaves roughly chopped

cracked back pepper to taste