Live Wild Abalone

European abalone (Haliotis tuberculata known as ormers) are a very rare and luxurious shellfish. The shell of the abalone is nondescript grey-brown outside but fabulous mother of pearl inside. You will keep it forever.

They are caught one by one by hand and following very strict TAC (total allowable catch) and QUOTAS set by the European Union to control the stocks. Only licenses fishermen have the right to catch them. That is why the quantity available are low and the prices quite high.


1kg is good for 2 people.


Please note that this shellfish has tendency to lose water when being taken out from its natural environment. They are weighted at our supplier facilities but you might see a difference if you weight them strafe receiving them. The weight difference can reach 10%. As well, it is very dependant of the weather and isn’t always available. We would keep you updated if any availability issue would occur.


Price is for a box of 2 or 3kg, about 8 pieces per kilo (it can however vary).


Product Features: Live with Shell, available from October to June


French Name: Ormeaux Vivants Sauvages


Origin: Brittany


Abalone catch (in French)

1,419.00 $

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Use an oyster knife to scrape the inside walls of the abalone shell. Gently pry the abalone meat from the shell. Use scissors to trim the dark brown liver from the rest of the meat.
To tenderize the abalone meat, gently pound both sides with a rubber mallet. Once the shell has been removed, you can keep them 2 to 3 days in the fridge.

They are delicious when cooked 2-3 min each side in the pan with some butter.