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Bomlo Salmon Fillet


The key aspects are good fish welfare in extra spacious and deep net pens (1% of salmon for 99% of water), low stress levels in the fish through the entire production and harvest cycle, the use of Cold Fish Slaughter Technology and pre-rigour filleting, hygienic slaughter and processing, as well as super cooling using CO2.

The farm facilities have excellent conditions with ocean currents to ensure the supply of constant fresh sea-water. The farmers make sure that the facilities always are in excellent conditions for both salmon and nature. They monitor sea-quality, bottom sediments and ensure that the surrounding environment is affected as little as possible.

Those salmon are under a strict control and 100% traceable.

They are guaranteed OGM free, antibiotics free, bone meal free.

The minimum order for this product is 2 fillets. Each one weights between 1.3 and 1.7kg.

Price is HKD 399 per kilo. You will be charged the maximum weight (3.4kg of fillet so 1357 HKD) and we will refund you the difference when we will know the final weight upon reception (if the final weight is 2.8 Kg, we will refund you 240 HKD).

Product Features: sliced fillet

Size: 3,4g

Storage:  Keep in cold temperature

Origin: Norway

French name: Filet de saumon de BÖMLO elevé sans OGM ni antibiotiques

Packing: vacuumed box

1,357.00 $

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