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Frozen Cooked Octopus Tentacle

Feeling lazy to cook a fresh octopus? Here is the solution! A delicious Octopus tentacle already cooked and to be used in gastronomic salad or a delicious meal.

The cooked tentacle comes exclusively from Atlantic octopus, sourced from artisanal fishing concerning the environment, and followed a sustainable approach. The octopus is cooked at a low temperature to attain the best quality. It follows the same stringent Japanese quality process, where the octopus is frozen for less than 3 hours after being caught.


Pack of 200g


Origin: Spain, fished in Center-East Atlantic


Product Features: Vacuum pack, Frozen, Cooked, pasteurized, can be kept at least 1 week


French Name: Tentacule de poulpe cuit pasteurisé

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Octopus to be cleaned 2 ¼ lbs

Carrots 1

Celery 1 rib

Garlic 1 clove

Bay leaves 2 leaves

Fine Salt to taste

Ground Black Pepper to taste