Frozen Scallop meat from Canada – MSC Certified

This delicious shellfish has a delicate taste and is available in a range of sizes. Scallops have two fan-shaped shells which contain rounds of firm white flesh.

Scallops have lent their name to the culinary term ‘scalloped’, which originally referred to seafood creamed and served hot in the shell.

The shellfish has a soft fleshy texture and delicately mild and sweet flavour.

Scallops are most commonly harvested using scallop dredges or bottom trawls between October and March.

Scallops can be steamed, fried or grilled but should be cooked gently and only for a very short time or else their delicate flavour and texture will be spoiled. Steam them in wine with aromatics as you would with mussels, or wrap them in prosciutto and grill or fry for a few minutes. Scallops go well with Asian ingredients: try pan-frying them in oil with ginger and fresh coriander. They’re also a good complement to hearty flavours such as bacon, chorizo, black pudding or watercress. Take care not to over-cook them: serve as soon as they are firm and opaque.

Product Features: Frozen Scallops Meat roe off without Shell –  (Size 10/20 Or  20/30)

Size: Pack by 1kg

Storage:  Keep frozen

Origin: Canada

French Name: Coquilles saint jacques (Pecten maximus)

Packing: Iced bag

From: 544.00 $


10-20, 20-30