Fresh Salicornia

Also known as sea asparagus, sea bean or samphire, this edible plant is pleasantly salty and can be cooked with fish or chopped raw to add a little saltiness and crunch to a salad.


Product features:  Fresh, in a box of 1kg

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Samphire, salicornia’s other name, is believed to be a corruption of the French name, [herbe de] Saint-Pierre, which means “St. Peter’s herb”. Samphire is usually cooked, either steamed or microwaved, and then coated in butter or olive oil but can also be eaten raw. Due to its high salt content, it must be cooked without any salt added, in plenty of water. It has a hard, stringy core, and after cooking, the edible flesh is pulled off from the core.

This flesh, after cooking, resembles seaweed in colour, and the flavour and texture are like young spinach stems or asparagus.