Lactose Fermented Hot Sauce (Max Hot)

This sauce is SERIOUSLY HOT!No added vinegar. 
No added sugar or flavorings.
Just 4 ingredients and time to ferment.

These fermented sauce get’s it’s tangy flavor through good old-fashioned lacto-fermentation.  Once we submerged the organic red habaneros in the saltwater brine along with flavorful garlic, then we let the fermentation begin! As the microbes eat the natural sugars in the habanero (yes! they have sugar!), they’ll produce lactic acid.  This will make the habanero and the brine nice and sour and extend their shelf life as well. 

We blend all the umami into a sauce and pack them in glass jars to deliver to your table!  

How Fermentation Works

  • A saltwater brine creates the ideal conditions for the friendly lactobacillus bacteria to ferment the red habaneros and produce lactic acid.
  • This is perfect way to get healthy probiotics into your system for a healthy gut ins spicy sauce form!
  • We only need 4 ingredients to make this sauce as the fermentation created the “umami”! No added sugar or flavorings are needed!


Suggested Use

  • Drizzle a teaspoon to your pizza
  • Use in cooking (check the spiciness!) 
  • Add to your marinates. ( use in small amounts!)


Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Red Habanero*, Garlic, Himalayan Crystal Salt


68.00 $