Weekly Seafood Basket

With our Weekly Seafood Basket, you can expect the freshest catch delivered straight to your door. Discover new products, what’s in season, and if you can’t finish it all you can freeze for later. We do the picking, you do the cooking!
No commitments.

Customise your plan with two basket size options:
  • Gourmet Seafood Basket: 1-2 people
  • Premium Seafood Basket: 3-4 people (perfect for families)

Pictures may differ from actual products
* If there is a seafood product you don’t like or can’t eat, please mention it as a comment during the checkout process.


From: 1,000.00 $


The variety of our Weekly Seafood Basket will depend on what is in season and the weekly arrivals. If your new resolution includes cooking more and eating healthier, we at Seafood Society are here to help!

Sample box:
– One whole fish
– White fish fillets
– Oysters
– Crustaceans or shellfish



Rich in nutrients such as iodine, fatty acids and omega-3 and vitamins such as D, A and B12, our Weekly Seafood Basket is the best way to include fish in your diet and to try different types and forms of cooking.


Gourmet Seafood Basket, Premium Seafood Basket