Bottarga is salted, cured silver mullet fish roe.
It is also known as “Mediterranean caviar” and is grated or sliced to garnish cooked dishes.

Flavours: umami, fishy, briny

Packing: 200g

French Name: Poutargue

322.00 $

Bottarga is silver mullet roe. It comes from countries surrounding the Mediterranean. Using sea salt, the roe is cured and dried to perfection, then waxed to prevent further drying and exposure to light. The wax prevents the contact with foreign matter.

For the novice, Bottarga appears quite unique, odourless, and may look like a flat waxed sausage. But once the wax is removed, your taste buds will discover one of the most flavourful marine products.

Bottarga colour ranges from golden yellow to darker shades of reddish brown.

It has to be thinly sliced and the wax needs to be removed. It goes perfectly with lemon, olive oil, vegetables and pasta.