Live Oysters L’Idéale by David Hervé

L’idéale (pousse en claire), or the ideal oyster needs space, time, and constant care. Even if she is 38 months old, it’s a long, meticulous, and very technical work before she gets to our plates.

She grows in her oyster bed, sharing her space with the imperial shrimp at the rate of 2 oysters per square meter. This sweet association will help the two of them make the most of each other’s benefits: the imperial stops the formation of seaweed and preserves the phytoplankton that the oysters need to grow. The shrimp, which feed at night, help the oyster filter the nutrients she rejects. This work protects the oyster beds during the day and photosynthesis can take place naturally.

She will grow in oyster beds for 6 to 8 months, in optimal conditions, with abounding food supplies. In these well-prepared oyster beds, the height and temperature of the water is checked so that they blossom. We can talk about sustainable agriculture naturally taking place, the result of the know-how passing from one generation to the next.

The Idéale is ideal right up to her thick and solid shell, and her abundant, firm, and slightly sweet flesh creates its unique and tasty flavor. We can taste her terroir: an incredible product rewarded at the Concours Général Agricole in France.

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All our oysters are presented in their original packaging. We don’t propose any extra service to open them.

How many oysters and which size should I get?

From 6 to 8 oysters per person, as a starter
From 12 to 145 oysters as a main dish with additional sides
From 18 to 30 oysters per person as a main dish without additional sides

The size depends on your tastes. However European people are more likely to eat size N°3 (the favorite one for Christmas and New Year) while Asian people will go for a bigger size.


How to serve an oyster?

Start by sorting through your oysters, they all should be tightly closed. Those that are open and will not close when tapped on a hard surface need to be discarded. Open them following the following video tutorials. Remove the first water juice just after the opening which is only composed of seawater. The oyster will recreate a second one much more flavourful.  Serve the oysters immediately. Putting them on an ice bed would hide some flavors.

From the right side

From the back