Superior Sturgeon Caviar

Superior Sturgeon is especially appreciated for its great value, fresh and creamy taste, and delicate flavor. Characterized by medium grains ranging in color from dark to light brown.

Product Features:  Sturgeon roes

Size: 50g

Storage: 0° – +2°

Origin: France

French name:  Esturgeon (Acipenseridae)

Packing: Little metal box

Ingredients: Sturgeon roes, salt 3,5%. No preservative added

Color: Light to dark amber

Size: 2.8-3.0 mm

From: 450.00 $


The company

Royal Caviar Club is a pioneering brand in traditional world of finest things, premium caviar, bubbles and luxury accessories.  RCC present an exclusive and unique variety of caviar from around the world, made by traditional methods, using very little salt and no preservatives. Caviar is more than gourmet product, it’s an art of living,  Caviar is classy elegant and a true symbol of luxury and high status. In  history it was strictly reserved for royal families, and nowadays we happy to announce that caviar is a trend and truly enjoyment of modern lifestyle, dream everyone can afford.

Depend on the season they source Caviar from best Farm around the world. They offer top quality and only A-grade caviar:

Their caviar produces from environmentally friendly and sustainable farming methods in large rivers and lake systems similar to wild caviar.

• They only use the highest-quality, and limited number types of sturgeon.

• Their caviar is famous for almost no oil and very little salt.

• Caviar has no preservative (borax) to extend shelf-life, it’s totally natural product.

 Our caviar comes with CITES certificate and related required documents.