Carabineros on Ice

The Carabineros prawn is a charismatic crustacean that stands out in the realm of seafood. Its exceptional taste, stunning appearance, and limited availability have captivated seafood enthusiasts worldwide. In this article, we explore the allure of Carabineros prawns, uncovering the reasons behind their coveted status and their unique characteristics as a delicacy.

What are Carabineros?

The species known as Carabineros, referred to as ‘Scarlet Shrimp’ or ‘Cardinal Prawns’ in English and ‘Crevette Imperiale’ in French, carries interesting name variations across different languages. Notably, the Spanish name ‘Carabineros’ translates to ‘police,’ reflecting the resemblance of their shell color to the uniforms of Spanish customs police.

Furthermore, one remarkable characteristic of Carabineros prawns is their ability to retain their distinct red color even after cooking. Renowned for their robust and unique flavor, they outshine other shrimp and langoustine varieties, resulting in high demand.

While the meat is concentrated in the tail, it’s important not to overlook the cephalothoraxes (head and body) of Carabineros prawns, which are ideal for preparing clear and creamy soups and sauces. Apart from adding flavor, they contribute a vibrant red color, especially valued in European cuisine where the flavor of prawn heads is considered a delicacy, ensuring no part of the prawn goes to waste.

In Spain and Portugal, Carabineros prawns are traditionally grilled with a touch of salt, but given their exceptional qualities, some recommend treating them like delicate small lobsters rather than ordinary shrimp.

A Rarity of the Deep

Carabineros prawns, scientifically known as “Aristeus antennatus,” thrive in the deep waters of the Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea. Their natural habitat, along with specific environmental needs, contributes to their scarce availability and rarity in the seafood market. Moreover, the exclusivity of these prawns enhances their allure, attracting the attention of discerning seafood connoisseurs who eagerly seek them out.

Majestic Size and Striking Appearance

The large size and vibrant appearance of Carabineros prawns are truly captivating. These jumbo-sized crustaceans stand out among their counterparts with their distinct red hue, instantly catching the eye. This striking color, resembling a scarlet gem, showcases their exceptional beauty and adds an element of extravagance to any culinary presentation.

A Flavorful Symphony

The exceptional flavor and captivating appearance of Carabineros prawns entice both the taste buds and the eyes. Their succulent, firm meat is complemented by a natural sweetness that reflects their pristine marine habitat. Additionally, their subtle brininess adds depth and complexity, creating a symphony of flavors that harmoniously blend sweetness and delicate oceanic nuances. When indulging in Carabineros prawns, one can truly experience an extraordinary culinary journey.

Culinary Versatility

Carabineros prawns, with their robust flavor and generous size, prove to be a chef’s delight, offering endless possibilities for culinary creations. Additionally, they can be grilled, sautéed, stir-fried, or incorporated into risottos and seafood stews, instantly elevating any dish to an extraordinary level. These prawns are more than just ingredients; they are culinary treasures that ignite creativity and inspire gastronomic exploration.

The Price of Prestige:

However, the regal status of Carabineros prawns carries a price. Their comparatively high market price stems from their limited supply, challenging sourcing process, and meticulous handling. Nonetheless, for those who eagerly seek indulgence, savoring Carabineros prawns becomes an investment in culinary excellence—an opportunity to embrace the pinnacle of seafood luxury and immerse oneself in a sensory feast.


We actively catch our Carabineros prawns off the coasts of Suriname, establishing our reputation for delivering the freshest seafood in the shortest possible time while ensuring complete traceability from the boat to your plate. Our supply chain operates with utmost efficiency as we closely collaborate with small wholesalers who directly purchase from fishermen through daily fish auctions. By choosing us, you can be certain about the origin of the product and enjoy 100% traceability..

Product Feature: Frozen
Size Options: You can select from 6-8 / 8-12 / 13-15 / 20-30.
Storage: Keep frozen.
Origin: Suriname

To learn more about our sourcing process and our commitment to seafood quality, please click here to visit our website.

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