We mainly source from French Atlantic coast but offer as well a large range of seafood from across the globe.


French seafood

We are the only 100% specialist of French fish and seafood in Hong Kong and Macau. The company history started thanks to the Brittany roots and inspiration of our directors. It is a family and friendship story. We like to promote French products and offer to deliver them to you with a very short time to your kitchen.



As nature has some limits and in order to preserve the wild ressources, we offer as well seafood from aquaculture. Farmed fish a great alternative and allow you to get fish all year long and at stable price, no matter the seasons or the changes in the wild fish stocks. We work with the best farms in order to bring you seafood which doesn’t impact badly the environment and provide you the consistent quality.


Wild capture fisheries:

Those suppliers offers a range of great and responsible products but since they hunt in the sea for their catch, they have less guarantee of availability, even if they offer a large range of wild and premium seafood products. We encourage our customers to follow more and more this “catch of the day” and to work with what the ocean offers instead of looking for some dedicated products. We are working with fisheries across the world who work following our high standards in terms of sustainability or carrying sustainable labels such as Friends of the sea of MSC.


Discover more about the different labels and organisms related to sustainability and seafood.

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