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Wild fish caught in  Atlantic, North-East

The body of the sea bream is oval, and narrow. The skin of the sea bream is covered with fairly large scales and easily recognizable with the golden flash under its eyes and cheeks. It is a very delicate fish with a flavored flesh. Sea bream can be cooked in every way.This sea bream is Line caught.

The ratio between the weight of the whole fish and the fillets is 2.5 , which means that for a fish of 1 Kg, you will get around 400g of fillets.

One fish of about 1 Kg will be enough as a starter for 6 and a main course for 3 .


Origin: Brittany


Product Features: Whole


French Name: Dorade Royale Sauvage (Sparus aurata) 


How to prepare (gut and cut fillets) a whole fish


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