Weekly Seafood Basket

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Fresh seafood delivered straight to your door twice per month.

M&C asia provides the freshest seafood with the highest standards, sustainably sourced. We make it easy to bring the incredible flavor and health benefits of quality seafood to your dinner table. From improving heart health and brain functions to reducing the risk of cancer, Omega-3 acids in seafood are a staple to human health.


Get that health benefit and discover new products twice per month with our weekly seafood basket.
Customise your plan with two basket size options. No Commitments. Cancel at any time:
  • Gourmet seafood basket: 1-2 people
  • Premium seafood basket: 3-4 people (perfect for families)


Pictures may differ from actual products




Included in the box:

A selection of the best seafood from the Brittany fish markets: fresh fish fillets and shellfish, including oily fish, white fish and shellfish; the variety will depend on what has been landed, its quality and abundance.

Example of what is included:

– 1 whole fish

– White fish fillets

– Oysters

– Crustaceans or shellfish

If you don’t eat all of your box, you can freeze fresh products and keep it for later.

If there is a seafood product you don’t like or can’t eat, please mention it as a comment at the checkout of your order.

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Gourmet Seafood Basket, Premium Seafood Basket

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