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The Brittany Royal Spiny Lobster (Langouste Royale Rouge) is a product of exception as the Blue Lobster. It is mainly caught with lobster-trap on the rocky grounds of Brittany. It is a choice dish prized for its flavourful flesh.

The Royal Spinny Lobster has to be prepared in its shell.

It can be:

Grilled: Cut the Spiny Lobster in the lengthwise and simply grill it in oven or on BBQ

Cours-Bouillon: Deep the Spiny Lobster in boiling water and leave it 25 to 35 minutes according to its size


A portion of 200g to 300g is enough for 1 person.

This product is proposed Live.

Please note that as it is a rare and delicate item, availability can’t be guaranteed and sizes proposed may vary. We will contact you if any problem would occur and would adjust the price of this item.


This item can only be delivered or picked-up on a Thursday or delivered on a Saturday.

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