Horse Mackerel

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Wild fish caught in  Atlantic, North-East
Horse Mackerel (Jack Mackerel)  are not real mackerel at all, belonging to a family of fish called carangidae made up of jacks and trevallies. They form large shoals over sandy bottomed ground, often schooling with herring or (actual) mackerel.

They’ve never been popular in England, but they are in Portugal and Spain . The Japanese, who call them ‘aji’ are huge fans and eat them salted and dried for breakfast.

They have a row of hard scales along their lateral lines called a scute. These are best removed before cooking. Simply slide a sharp knife underneath the scute and slice along its length.

Whilst they are quite oily fish, horse mackerel have a different flavour to normal mackerel. The Portuguese often cook them in an escabeche (fried then steeped in a sweet pickle liquor) and the Japanese often use it to make a tataki, which is like an oriental tatare.


Each fish weights between 200g and 400g.

One fish will be enough as a starter for 1 but you will need 3 pieces for a main course for 2 people.


Origin: Brittany


Product Features: Whole


French Name: Chincard (Trachurus trachurus)


How to prepare (gut and cut fillets) a whole fish

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