Baron of Lord

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The baron is the best part of the salmon. This fillet has no skin and a brown flesh. The product is sliced in a sashimi shape. The JC DAVID products base their entire production on an ancestral process, completely handmade and natural, combining the fish, salt, and smoke in real wood furnaces.


Product Feature: Each piece weighs 250g/+ or 500g/+ .


Shelf-Life: 15 days


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Enjoy a piece of tasty smoked already sliced. The fish is farmed in the best farms in the scottish lochs, which guaranties the quality of the fish and respectful of the environment. Salmon are filleted by JC DAVID in the North of France (Boulogne). They are salted and flavoured with herbs and suspended on a rope then smoked in a traditional way in real wood ovens. It gives the salmon a very particular taste. All the bones are removed from the fillet and only the best parts are kept and then hand-sliced to make sure there is no wastage. The baron is the heart of the fillet, the thickest and noblest part of the fish.

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