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We compare three types of oysters to help you determine which ones are more suitable for you and your guests.

Creuse Fine

The Creuse oysters make up 95% of the oyster production in France. The Creuses Fines are easy to identify due to their dark jagged shell. Expect a less fleshy but very juicy meat and an iodine flavour.


Creuse Spéciale

The term “spéciale” indicates that the oyster was left to grow for a longer period of time, resulting in a larger and plumper meat. This oyster is sweet and has a long finish with a hint of iodine.

Belon Plate

Cultivated in deeper waters than other oysters, the Belon oyster distinguishes itself with a rounder and flatter shell. The meat is firmer and crunchier and gives off a more tannic and hazelnut taste, with a long finish.

What size to choose?

Just remember, the bigger the number, the smaller the oyster. N°3 and N°4 are the most common.

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